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The ownCloud Community Program connects experts and professionals

The ownCloud community outreach, explained

At ownCloud we care deeply about community. We are Open Source and active in the community every day. However, we figured, we need to have a more formal community approach, to gather more insights, build deep and long-lasting relationships with community members who love our technology, who are technical wizards and who enjoy networking and sharing their knowledge. With the launch of our community program, we want to express our deep appreciation and thank all community contributors: Thank you for your community contributions! We have received so much from the community in the past, with this program we als want to take the opportunity to give back! If you are active in the ownCloud community space, or if you want to start contributing, then keep on reading to find out how you can get engaged.

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For community contributors

Are you already contributing to the ownCloud community space? Then go ahead and request your Community Contributor Badge! Anyone who is actively contributing to the ownCloud community can request this badge. You can use it in your online profiles, CV, etc., whether your contributions happen on GitHub, in ownCloud Central, in the form of localizations, documentations, or apps in the marketplace.

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For the professional community

The most active members of the ownCloud community work with ownCloud in a professional setting. They are experienced and savvy and readily share their expertise. To give back to them and improve knowledge exchange in the ownCloud ecosystem, we have created the ownCloud Professional Community Program with some special benefits. To be eligible for the professional program, there are some criteria to be met. Program membership is granted for one year and subject to conditional renewal.

Requirements to join the ownCloud Professional Community Program:

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Deep technical knowledge of ownCloud

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Ample experience running ownCloud in a professional environment

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A habit of sharing knowledge within the community


Send us your details to see if you qualify!

Benefits for ownCloud Professional Community members

What is in it for you?

ownCloud Professional Community Badge
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Workshops and tech talks with ownCloud engineers

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Recommendations, reference letters and LinkedIn references

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Network with other ownCloud Professional Community members

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Get ownCloud Professional Community badges

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Dedicated events

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Access to speaker slots (on- and offline)

Contribute to ownCloud and make an impact


ownCloud is used all over the world and in many different languages. If you speak more than one tongue, you can help by translating ownCloud and its documentation.

Spread the word

Talk about ownCloud. On your blog or face to face. Meet other ownClouders on local meetups or worldwide conferences. Tweet about it or share your know-how on YouTube. There is always need for word of mouth.


Share your knowlegde about ownCloud and make it easily accessible for anyone. Be it written documentation for server, client or mobile apps – any written, audio or video reference is helpful.


You know all hints on running owncloud, are familiar with different base systems like linux distributions, webservers, php versions, etc.? You might want to share your knowledge in our user forum.


The design group is focused on designing and developing the user interface. It’s a home for designers and UXers alike. There are regular discussions about mockups, design, and user testing.


Write an ownCloud App, or improve ownCloud server, desktop or mobile clients. You can easily find issues in GitHub or work on improvements and new features.

ownCloud code of conduct to contribute

Code of conduct

In the ownCloud community, participants from all over the world come together to create free software for a free internet. This is made possible by the support, hard work and enthusiasm of thousands of people, including those who create and use ownCloud software.

Katrin Giza

Katrin Giza

Community Manager