Compliant content collaboration for sensitive data

Protect your intellectual property and most sensitive files and yet enable collaboration with colleagues & external users.


Secure file sharing and content collaboration

Our customers in the Defense & Space environment particularly appreciate the possibility of having a virtual “safehouse” for collaborative work on documents with sensitive content with the ownCloud Content Collaboration Stack – both with colleagues and with external partners. ownCloud thus makes an important contribution to the provision of digital business processes in an environment that
works to a particular extent with sensitive data and is at the same time in the crosshairs of a wide variety of actors in cyberspace.

Curious about ownCloud Infinite Scale?

Collaborate across borders

ownCloud federation allows to work globally while keeping files where they belong

Synchronize large files

Sync and share files from delivery slip to wind tunnel datasets safely, cross-platform, with humans as well as machines

Verifiably Secure

Keep your data under control and align with regulatory guidelines like GDPR

Get the benefits of cloud computing without the pitfalls

Our groundbreaking ownCloud Infinite Scale technology also allows you to bundle access to all data with special protection requirements, whether from research or daily business, in a single, secure and high-performance data access layer. This includes both unstructured data, such as presentations and other text documents, as well as unstructured data such as test and measurement results from machines of any kind.

Collaboration, distributed globally

In a global economy, work knows few borders. With ownCloud, global teams can easily collaborate across borders while data is stored in local data hubs. Large files can be shared safely and efficiently. Federation provides a mesh of those data hubs, file drop folders foster seamless and secure exchange with external suppliers. This complies with regulations on the ground and offers maximum security.

Protect your data from espionage, and apply local regulations

Your data is precious, no matter if it’s blueprints, your local employment documents or customer data. Don’t lose control over where your data is stored or who can access it. Through file classification, rules-based workflow automation as well as logging and auditing, ownCloud makes sure data access always conforms with policies and is accounted for. With the File Firewall, an advanced interface with leading Antivirus vendors and comprehensive Ransomware Protection, ownCloud keeps your data safe. Secure View enables the creation of ad-hoc Virtual Data Rooms to securely share sensitive data with select external contacts.

Automation at its core

ownCloud can handle large amounts of data fast, but it also has comprehensive automation capabilities. With Classification, Tags, Workflows and File Lifecycle, defense and IT admins have the full toolbox to handle large amounts of data, whether it is created by humans or sensors. Automate data handling in machine-to-human interactions with metadata-based workflows. Sync large amounts of telemetric data to R&D’s machines with ease and unprecedented scale. Automatically archive and then delete customer inquiries in  accordance with GDPR and similar regulations. And if you have other needs: Be sure that you can solve them with ownCloud by integrating and adapting. Call our specialists today!

ownCloud Comments

Provide efficient file collaboration

  • Seemless internal sharing
  • Secure external sharing 
  • Integrates with common collaboration suites
  • Handles files of any sizes
swiss army knife

Stay in control

  • Logging & Auditing 
  • Let staff create Custom Groups without involving admins
  • Managed deployments
  • Custom integrations for your need
ownCloud External Storage

Works across all machines

  • Federation
  • Identity Providers
  • Platform Independence

Users prefer ownCloud to competing products

ownCloud has an average rating of 4.2 on Capterra


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.1 on G2


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.5 on Gartner Peer Insights


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