Work together in secure clouds

Enable seamless collaboration in real time, remote and platform-independent.

Realtime collaboration with ownCloud

Organizations thrive if they bring people together to solve problems and create solutions, whether synchronous or asynchronous, wether remote or seated next to each other.

Enable users to safely and efficiently work together through browser-based office suites like Collabora, ONLYOFFICE and Microsoft Office Online Server. They seamlessly integrate with ownCloud, making sure that data is stored and processed on your organization’s servers.

With the ability to comment on files and folders and see who created or changed which file and folder, team members stay in the loop about the progress their peers make.

ownCloud also enables collaboration across organizations, making it easy to share specific files and folders with users of another private cloud through federated cloud sharing.

When working with local-first software, ownClouds built-in transactional file locking prevents simultaneous saving of the same file.

  • Enable real-time collaboration
  • Data does not leak into public clouds
  • Keep coordination nimble
  • Lighten software requirements on users devices

ownCloud features that enable secure collaboration:

ownCloud Office Integrations
Office Integrations

Edit office documents in the browser – with Collabora, ONLYOFFICE or Microsoft OOS.

ownCloud Federated Clouds
Federated Cloud Sharing

Share files and folders with users of other ownClouds. Fit for multinational deployment.

ownCloud Activity Stream
Activity Stream

Keep up with progress. See who did what in which file or folder.

ownCloud Comments

Let users weigh in directly on files and folders.

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ownCloud success story collaboration GWDG

GWDG uses ownCloud to help students and researchers get smarter

The computing center for the University of Göttingen also supplies Germany’s renowned Max Planck Society with IT services. Using ownCloud since 2014, GWDG has now integrated it with OnlyOffice to enable users to collaborate on documents in real-time and to avoid file editing conflicts. Get the success story to your inbox:

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