Give select outsiders secure data access through external sharing

External sharing allows you to safely involve contacts outside your organization with select files and folders.

External sharing of files and folders with ownCloud

Organizations depend on communication with the outside world, for example with contractors, consultants and prospective customers. They also need to stay in control of who gets to access its data.

ownCloud helps by offering staff a frictionless way to share files and folders of unlimited size, and by giving external contacts a smooth user experience on any device. This minimizes the risks posed by unsanctioned and unsafe means of file sharing.

With ownCloud, staff can invite frequent contacts as Guest Users, who can be granted access to select files and folders, just like regular users, only without their own storage space. Or they can send out sharing links, optionally password-protected and with expiration dates, enforceable by policy.

  • Avoid unsafe shadow IT
  • Log access
  • Create virtual data rooms
  • Smoothen the flow of information

These ownCloud features facilitate external sharing:

feature icon activity stream
Public Link Sharing

Share files and folders with outside contacts, protected by passwords and expiry dates.

ownCloud Outlook Plugin
Outlook Integration

Automagically turn Outlook attachments into secure links. Without file size limits.

ownCloud Guest Users
Guest Users

Let select external contacts login to access select files and folders, speeding up coordination.

ownCloud File Drop Folders
File Drop

Collect files in public upload-only folders. It is handy for bids, homework and  feedback.

ownCloud Secure View
Secure view

Let users safely distribute confidential documents with maximum control.

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ownCloud success storiy external sharing ZF Friedrichshafen

ZF Friedrichshafen uses ownCloud to safely share files with external partners

Automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen needs external collaboration to run smoothly like interlocking gears. Using ownCloud, staff safely share files of unlimited size with external suppliers, customers, partners and agencies while staying in control of the storage systems involved. Read the success story:

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