Ensure Security

Make files and folder accessible for legitimate use by eligible users while protecting them from anyone else.

Advanced security for your files and folders with ownCloud

Organizations need to keep their data and information safe. Safe from theft, safe from loss, safe from abuse, safe from prying eyes. Also, users have a reasonable expectation of and in some places a legal claim to data privacy and data security.

ownCloud helps protect organizations, users, files and folders through a comprehensive approach to security. It encrypts data at rest and in transfer. Its Privacy-by-Design, Zero-Knowledge-Architecture as well as optional on-premises hosting make ownCloud the safe choice for at-risk data. It authenticates using multiple auth factors and can integrate with existing identity providers. Thorough permissions management and policy enforcement as well as extensive logging make sure access is traceable and limited to eligible users.

When sharing files or folders with ownCloud, they do not leave your organizations hard drive. Instead, recipients have to authenticate so your organization knows who accessed which file when. If sending out public links, you can optionally set an expiration date and a password. For collaborating in real time while also making sure documents stay within your organizations data center, ownCloud integrates with on-premises installations of ONLYOFFICE, Collabora and Microsoft Office Online Server. Using Secure View, office documents and PDFs can be provided read-only with comprehensive restrictions and watermarks, e.g. to create a virtual data room.

  • Balance security and productivity
  • Follow best practices
  • Keep threats out
  • Accountability as a deterrent

Experience advanced security with ownCloud:

ownCloud Multi-factor Authentification

Require two or more factors for login, such as passwords, one-time codes and biometrial data.

ownCloud Advanced Security
File Firewall

Avoid threats by inspecting access requests for admissibility.

ownCloud Logging & Auditing
Logging and Auditing

Log actions of users and admins for compliance and security.

ownCloud Secure View
Secure View

Let users safely distribute confidential documents with maximum control.

ownCloud Ransomware Protection
Ransomware Protection

Prevent unrecoverable data loss. Block infected systems from uploading and restore affected data.

ownCloud Antivirus feature inspecting files for infections

Thwart threats by scanning files with Antivirus. Integrates with industry-leading scanners through ICAP.

ownCloud File Lifecycle Management
File Lifecycle and Retention

Set retention periods and then automatically archive and delete files that are no longer needed.

ownCloud Guest Users
Guest Users

Accommodate external associates with Guest User accounts, speeding up coordination

Ready to get started?

ownCloud success story security: Consortium GARR

GARR uses ownCloud to prevent serious digital injuries

The medical network for Italy’s research hospitals routinely handles and transfers the most intimate data – health records and medical images. Medical research collaboration depends on public trust and cannot risk data breaches.

With ownCloud, GARR can leverage the ease of use of mobile clients, existing federated identities and the high degree of security maintained through encryption and security policies. Read the success story:

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