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  Standard Edition Enterprise Edition


(Must share customizations with the Community)

ownCloud Commercial License for
ownCloud Server Core and Enterprise Modules

Deployment Options

On-Premises, Hybrid, and Cloud

On-Premises, Hybrid, and Cloud

ownCloud puts you in control. You decide where your data resides!

Onboarding/Migration Assistance

Dedicated Deployment Manager
€ / $

When you’re ready to deploy ownCloud, no matter how straight-forward or complex your implementation will be, we will help you to ensure a smooth and effective production roll-out. With four levels of deployment support available, you will be able to tailor your deployment services to match your needs.


Community Forum (free) or Standard Subscription (8x5)

Enterprise Subscription (12x5) or Custom Subscription (up to 24x7)


Multi-Language Support

ownCloud is available in many languages, and translations are constantly being both extended and improved

Intuitive Web-Interface

ownCloud's design principles put the user center stage, by providing a great user experience and seamless workflows. They do this by focusing on ease-of-use and an intuitive design.

Desktop Clients for Windows, MacOS & Linux

The ownCloud desktop client keeps your files in sync and provides many additional features, by directly integrating with the file browser (e.g. sharing of files).

Mobile Clients for iOS & Android

0,99 € / 0,99 $

Included in Subscription,
may be branded

Active Directory/LDAP Integration

Admin feature for connecting an ownCloud instance to an LDAP-based user directory (Authentication and provisioning of users/groups and corresponding attributes)

Branding with ownBrander

ownBrander Self Service included

ownBrander lets you easily apply your Corporate Identity to the ownCloud Web-Interface, Mobile & Desktop Clients.

Oracle DB Support

Supports the use of Oracle Databases with ownCloud.


Standard Edition Enterprise Edition

Activity Stream

Displays actions related to their files in ownCloud, e.g. upload, edit, delete, share, share was accessed externally. User-configurable, regular e-mail notifications possible.

Content Sharing

Sharing of files, calendars, notes and more with users of your ownCloud Instance, users of other ownCloud instances (Federated Cloud Sharing) or via an anonymous link (password protection, expiration date possible)

Custom groups
new in owncloud x

Enables users to define their own groups to share with. An integrated role concept allows collaborative management of groups.

Federated Cloud Sharing

With Federated Cloud Sharing, users on one ownCloud installation can collaborate with users on other ownCloud installations while each server maintains its respective security and governance protocols. Files shared between users are no longer confined to a single shared folder or ownCloud instance.

Sharing Permission Management

Feature to selectively restrict access to shared content (Create, Edit, Delete, Reshare)




Use the Calendar App in ownClouds Web-Interface, sync your Calendars via CalDAV and share them with other users.




Use the Contacts App in ownClouds Web-Interface, sync your Contacts via CardDAV and sharing them with other users.

Video Streaming

Watch your videos directly in ownCloud without the hassle of downloading them first.

Image Gallery

Gallery feature for quick & easy image viewing with slideshow functionality.

Large File Support (>4 GB)

File size in ownCloud is only limited by the configuration and underlying infrastructure.

Upload Chunking/Resuming

Chunking allows to split up files into smaller packages (‘chunks’) before uploading. This enables parallel uploading for a single file (performance improvements) and upload resuming during e.g. unstable network connection.

Collaborative Editing of Office Documents with Collabora Online

Yes, but not supported


Collaborative viewing & editing of office documents within a browser. Supports Microsoft & LibreOffice formats for documents, presentations & spreadsheets.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin



Secure email delivery without size limitation by automatically replacing attachments with links to files or folders in ownCloud

File Drop
improved feature

Allows users to mark any folder as a drop folder for externals to anonymously drop files in a shared folder without revealing the actual content of the folder.

File Tagging

Admin-Defined, User-Defined

Admin-Defined, User-Defined, Auto- & Group-Tagging

Add specific tags to your files. This feature allows smart filtering of files and works with shared files as well.

File Versioning

Versioning-Feature for files which allows rollback to older file versions.

File Comments

Add individual comments to your files. Works with shared files as well.

File Locking

Lock files to prevent users from making concurrent edits that could cause file conflicts. Users are notified when files are locked.


Mark files & folders as favorites for quick access on all devices.

new in owncloud x

Admin feature to impersonate users. Administrators can login as any user and conduct actions as this user i.e. to provide a helpdesk experience. May be restricted to group membership/administrators.


With this feature users can receive notifications from administrators & apps.

new in owncloud x

Share with externals conveniently just by entering a mail address. Guest users will be jailed in a read-only home storage and can only access content that users shared with them. Administrators may whitelist applications that guests can use. Guest accounts are fully auditable.

Workflows (Automated File Operations)

Enables administrators to specify rules and conditions (file size, file mimetype, group membership and more) to automatically assign tags (see ‘File Tagging’) to uploaded files. Based on those tags automated file operations ('Workflow actions') like File Retention (automated file retention periods) can be conducted. Can be extended by ‘Workflow Apps’.

Full Text Search


Full text search functionality to find files, folders and file content easily. Supports .txt, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .odt, .ods, .pdf and more.

Extensibility through ownCloud Marketplace
new in owncloud x

Community contributed:
Music, Video, Notes
+ 200 more

ownCloud Apps
certified for the enterprise

ownCloud‘s open architecture and APIs allow developers to rapidly extend core functionality and enhance the solution to meet user needs. ownCloud is highly extensible therefore, enabling the addition of new features quickly via plug-in applications (‘ownCloud Apps’).


Standard Edition Enterprise Edition

Storage Infrastructure Consolidation

Single point of access to all supported storage systems. ownCloud unites your storage resources on one platform giving you secure access without requiring a VPN connection.

Primary storage

Local storage, GlusterFS/Red Hat Storage, OpenStack Swift

Local storage, Amazon S3, Ceph S3, OpenStack Swift, GlusterFS/Red Hat Storage

Internal storage of an ownCloud instance.

Secondary storage

FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive,

S3, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive,

External storage of an ownCloud instance. Can for example include mounted or integrated storage systems.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Integration of MS SharePoint Storage with ownCloud.

Windows Network Drive Integration

Integration of Windows Network Drive with ownCloud.


Standard Edition Enterprise Edition

2-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication through TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm). For example compatible with Google Authenticator.

Active Session Management

List active sessions of a user and disconnect them selectively.


Virus scanner for files (using ClamAV).

Encryption of Primary Storage (AES-256), Key management

Server-side encryption of primary storage using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). When enabled, the admin is unable to read user-data of an instance.

File Integrity Checking
new in owncloud x

To prevent file corruption the integrity of up- and downloaded files is automatically verified by comparing their unique checksums before and after transfer.

Auditing/Logging Module

Admin feature to log login and logout events of users, file system operations, including actions on the trash bin, internal sharing of a file, sharing a link with a user, or permission changes as well as user management actions (creation/deletion/disabling/enabling of users), actions on ownCloud apps (enable/disable) and administrative actions from the command line.

File Firewall

Admin feature for application level file access rules to protect files in the enterprise. Inspects file requests made on an ownCloud server, and prevents ownCloud from executing any code if the firewall rules are met. Possible rules are IP address range, device type, file size, subnet, time, group membership. Logging is configurable.

new in owncloud x

OAuth2 is the open industry-standard protocol for secure authorization of clients. It greatly enhances security while facilitating the integration of third party applications or web services.

Password policy
improved feature

Admin feature to define password requirements like minimum length, numbers, capital letters and more for all password endpoints (user passwords, password-protected link sharing).

SAML/SSO Authentication

Authentication feature using the SAML standard. This allows Single Sign-On (SSO) via Shibboleth, ADFS, Ping Identity and more.

Technical Toolbox

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Management of instances via command line and/or scripts (OCC).

Provisioning APIs

Contains APIs to enable the provision of the following Admin /Group-Admin functionalities outside the WebGUI via HTTP-requests:
- Create, edit, delete and query user attributes
- Query, set and remove groups, set quota and query total storage used in ownCloud
- Query for active ownCloud applications or application info


Extension of the HTTP-Protocol used as an interface for file operations and calendar/contact syncronization. Open standard with ownCloud-specific extensions.

OpenCloudMesh API

Interface for federation between ownCloud instances and other OpenCloudMesh-ready services. For further information about the OpenCloudMesh Project visit https://oc.owncloud.com/opencloudmesh.html

Sharing API

Interface for sharing functionalities.

Capability API

Interface for server capability discovery.

Public ownCloud Server Core API

Interface for extending the ownCloud server functionality. An example are ownCloud Apps.

Custom Features

ownCloud Enterprise Edition offers many great features, however, some customers require certain capabilities that may not be readily available. For those customers the engineers at ownCloud go out of their way to deliver these capabilities by opening consulting projects.

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